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“I think of Shirley as my secret weapon against the competition, always watching the market, and looking out for me.”
Christian Yaste, DDS
Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

“We have been very satisfied with Shirley's online marketing services. We have seen impressive results and we are reaching our goals for the search engine rankings for our keywords. Her services more than pay for themselves. Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"
Ivan Mac, MD and CEO Metrolina Eye Associates

“Shirley got us to the top of the search engines for ‘Charlotte’s best roofing company’ in 8 days. She created a new website and even wrote the content for it, when I became overwhelmed with my roofing business.  We’re excited about continuing to grow.”
Kevin Sweeney, owner
Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte

Our Online Marketing Specialties:

  • Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices
  • Attorneys and Law Firms
  • Roofers, Contractors, and Home Improvement Companies
  • Any Small to Medium Sized Business
  • Local Businesses
  • Those who want to grow their businesses and get new clients

Resources for local businesses


SEO for local businesses

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of optimizing your local business website for the purposes of increasing the chances of your appearing in the organic /natural listings.  This is based on relevant user queries (local searches) in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  This is the fastest means of promoting and marketing your business due to its effectiveness and ability to create brand awareness. SEO will increase the traffic to your website (prospective customers.)

SCD Consulting Services excels in this area. In fact, we’re so successful in our SEO for local businesses, that some people think that’s all we do!  You’ll find that there aren’t many online experts that provide the high quality of SEO in their online marketing services similar to what you’ll receive from SCD Consulting Services.

One of the strongest and fastest ways of promoting your company on the internet is Search Engine placement.  SCD Consulting Services is very careful to only promote one company in a specific service area, in each city.  We focus all of our marketing efforts on bringing your business to the front page of Google and other search engines.

You can also promote your site through PPC, which stands for pay-per-click, but natural or organic placement is a stronger way to reach your customer.  Also, pay-per-click can be dominated by the big businesses and make it cost prohibitive to use pay-per-click for the small to medium sized companies.

Whether or not you choose to use pay-per-click, organic searches will always be the more prominent way for your customer to find your business.  You cannot buy your way to the top of organic placement, this is done with skill, professionalism and the time dedicated to your website on a daily basis. SCD Consulting Services is committed to doing the work to analyze your market, learn about the consumer, and take the steps to optimize your site and ensure that you are found by the search engines. We become your Online Marketing Director.

Contact SCD Consulting Services today, and find out if there’s availability for your type business in your market area.  If we are already working with one of your competitors, we’re sorry, but all we can offer is to put you on a waiting list.


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