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Website Design

SCD Consulting Services also offers full service web design. We will work with you to achieve a professional design, consisent overall layout with compatible color scheme.

Did you know that a professionally designed website can increase your local business sales and expose you to thousands of new clients? Times are changing and the yellow pages, and newspaper ads are not reaching as many people as the internet. Over 80% of all buyers search online before making a purchase.

We will create a fully custom site. We also offer SEO (search engine optimization) for each website we design. We’ll make sure you are easy to find in the search engines with out header tags, alt tags, meta tags and more.

  • Establish your brand name
  • Improve your professional image
  • Allow clients to find you easily
  • Reduce your advertising costs and increase your revenue

Here are several of our website designs

Click on each screen shot to see a full version of the site.

World Medical Elites Design
Leaf Tree Services

Here is a typical website design package:

  • Custom designed website- to your specifications (color, design, etc.)
  • Responsive to all devices
  • Loads fast
  • Optimize website for the search engines and customers. This  includes appearance, meta tags, alt tags, anchor text, heading text, keyword usage, content, essential elements, SEO competition, user accessibility and navigation to increase appeal to visitors and search engines
  •  Logo integration (For logo creation- there is an additional cost)
  • Social media integration
  • Custom menu
  • Unlimited emails (We will configure up to 10 email addresses for you and teach you how to do additional emails.)  Example:
  • Contact us form
  • XML sitemap
  • Site search (if you want it)
  • Review page with links to several local review sites (to help raise your rankings in the local listings)
  •  A blog or news page, to post events and educational content
  • Unlimited photos and videos
    • We will provide 10 stock photos
    • Any additional photos or videos- you provide
  •  You will be able to make your own content changes to your webpages, without any additional charges (so you don’t have to pay anyone monthly maintenance fees to do updates, or monthly specials.)
  •  You have complete control of your website and hosting

SCAM ALERT: Are you paying a webmaster to host your account and make minor updates each month?  I guarantee you are paying too much money!  We show you how to host your own website (prices below) and how to make minor changes to your website. Also, as long as you are using our services, your customer service representative will assist you with any minor changes in your website.  Don’t pay a monthly fee for your website to sit somewhere on a webmaster’s hosting account!

Do you already have a website, but wish your website was similar to what you read above? We offer very reasonable prices to convert your website, so that you will have control of it, and can make minor updates, post news and specials, along with unlimited photos and videos. Contact SCD Consulting Services, today, for more information on how to convert your website to something that doesn’t drain money out of your budget, every month, for just sitting on a webmaster’s server.

Additional Costs: (These are costs so that you can own your own domain name, and own the hosting of your website.)

  • Domain name (URL of your website) – approximately $8-10 a year
  • Hosting-  approximately $6-10 a month  (unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space, unlimited emails, unlimited domains)
  • I will be happy to walk you through the purchases of your domain name(s) and hosting, at no additional cost

We also offer additional services:

  • Logo design
  • E Commerce Shopping carts (to be able to receive money “get paid” on your website)

See our Resources Page for recommendations on which companies to use for hosting and domain purchase and domain transfers.

Here is more information about our other local business online marketing services: