About Shirley Cress Dudley, founder and CEO of SCD Consulting Services

Sometimes I’m asked- “How did you get into the field of online marketing consulting?”…. It’s a great question.

Here are a few bullet points about my educational and business background:Shirley Cress Dudley

  • BA in Communications – Public Relations from UNC-Greensboro
  • Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Master’s degree in Education from Southwestern in Fort Worth, Texas
  • LPC (licensed professional counselor) in the state of North Carolina
  • NCC (nationally certified counselor)
  • FACMPE (fellow in American College of Medical Group Management)
  • CMPE (Certified Medical Practice Executive.)
  • Author of the best selling book, Blended Family Advice
  • Former practice manager and administrator of various medical groups (doctor’s offices)

Since 2006, I have had a website and online business- The Blended and Step Family Resource Center (also called Blended Family Advice.)  Learning about the internet was fascinating to me, and I spent quite a few hours, every day, learning more and more about search engine optimization, web 2.0 strategies, social media, and other ways to make my business grow and improve.

As my Blended Family website, book, and other work became more popular,  people started coming to me and asking for help with their websites and social media strategies. The number of requests increased, and I started wondering if this was something I should think about as a business.  I took more online classes, was mentored, and formed SCD Consulting Services.

What I enjoy most in life is helping people be the best they can be. I get a great deal of satisfaction when I help a business owner create a stronger presence on the internet, attract more customers and generate more revenue.  It also matters to me that I’m only helping one business, in each market, in each city, so I’m not spreading my knowledge around, thinly, like one of those regular internet marketers, who aren’t really helping anyone.

Giving concierge online marketing to one local business (in a market) really helps that business stand out in the crowd.  When you get the generic call, “I can help you get on page one of Google” and they don’t know anything about your business, then you are just a number in their long list of calls.  I prefer to choose the companies I call, and select only one in each market area to assist and partner with them for extraordinary results!

Please don’t be offended if we are unable to work with you and your company. If we’ve already partnered with a business that competes in your market, then we cannot accept another business in this area as long as they are my client.

If you have any questions, you can email me directly at Shirley@SCDConsultingServices.com

Our team of professionals looks forward to talking with you, helping you focus on what you do best, while we move you to the top of the search engines and send you more traffic and customers.

Shirley Cress Dudley

CEO of SCD Consulting Services