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In today’s world, website design means taking an approach that ensures that your site works on the smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and computers. We also must prepare to adapt to the innovative screens of tomorrow. Webmasters use primarily three popular approaches to developing a Website:

  1. Using a responsive design
  2. Client-side adaptive designs
  3. Server-side adaptive designs

No approach is better or worse than the other. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Website designers must consider the benefits and drawbacks of each, before determining the one that works for their particular project.

Responsive website design

Responsive website design is the most common approach. Developers use CSS media queries to change the presentation of a website according to the size of the device display. Search engine optimization guidelines creates this increasing number of responsive websites. If your website is not responsive design, several open-source toolkits to help simplify building responsive websites.

Client-side adaptive design

Adaptive design expands upon the principles of responsive design. The goal is to target specific devices. Client-side adaption uses JavaScript to enhance websites with advanced functionality. A key example is websites that deliver Retina-quality images only to Retina displays. Standard definition displays receive lower quality images. An advantage of client-side adaptive design is that you don’t have rebuild your website from scratch. Your mobile-responsive layout builds on existing content. Website designers are able to target particular devices or screen resolutions.

Server-side adaptive design

The server-side adaptive approach uses a server-side plug-in. Server-side adaptive design offers distinct templates for each device. It keeps device-detection on the server, allowing for smaller mobile pages that load faster. Most companies are still grappling with the basics of responsive websites and they are not ready for this sophisticated adaptive website.

Website design by Charlotte SEO experts

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