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Website design, or even the thought of investing in a website was unthinkable for small businesses as little as a decade ago. However, in today’s competitive environment, a company website is a necessity. Your website is the 24-hour salesperson that is always ready to engage with customers, and thwart off the competition. The process of setting up and maintaining a business website can be a huge undertaking for those who lack the technical and marketing expertise necessary to swim in the ocean of digital marketing.

Research has revealed that consumers have little or no patience for poorly-designed websites. Every page needs to be structured and optimized to gain high ranking, which translates to more traffic, which usually translates to higher revenue. Efficient and effective website design is a serious endeavor, but it is not as difficult as it might sound. Consider the following elements, your company will have a website to be proud of:

  1. Keep it simple

A website does not need to be a technological wonder to be eye-catching and effective. This is especially true with regard to your homepage. This is your first impression, and it will take visitors just a few seconds to decide whether to dig deeper or move along. Your landing should clearly reveal who you are and what you do. Simple design will help the page load faster, which is important in page ranking. Additionally, research reveals that a mere one second reduction in loading time could boost engagement by 5 percent.

2. Have a voice and a brand

Social media has been the catalyst for significant change when it comes to the way that consumers evaluate businesses and products. Gone are the days when you are an invisible entity hidden behind your brand. Customers demand to know who you are and why they should be excited about your business. More so than ever before, a consumer choice is an engaged and selective experience. Your content and your interaction will establish your website’s unique personality.

3. Your website must be secure

Largely overlooked as recently as 5 years ago, website security is now a primary concern for both business and consumer. We have far too many examples of customers having their data, or their content compromised. For local businesses, a secure website is even more critical. A breach could not only put you and your visitors at risk but can be irreparably damaging to your company’s reputation.

Is website design in your plans?

Whether you are starting from scratch, or updating an existing site, it all begins with a comprehensive plan. Sit down with your web developer and cover every aspect of your design. You must consider the challenges, costs, and long-term goals for your website. Don’t forget to research the competition and follow trends on industry websites. Keep in mind that your website is a dynamic and continuous project. not a static entity. You will always be making the additions, deletions, or adjustments that are necessary. Constant improvement and reevaluation is essential to stay ahead of the curve. You will need to commit full-time to keep your content fresh, and your brand relevant.

Website design by Charlotte SEO experts

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