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SEO specialists in every company must accept one of two choices when it comes to their approach for their inbound marketing strategy. This is especially evident when it comes to generating traffic through links. SEO marketers must choose between white hat or black hat strategies as a means to elevate their content marketing efforts. To break it down simply, a white hat approach emphasizes a strict adherence to Google’s rules, including its guidelines for quality content. Hence, a black hat approach opts for a more aggressive and underhanded approach that isn’t afraid to bend or break the rules.

Unfortunately, the decision is not so black and white… Both strategies offer advantages and disadvantages. Our goal here is to help you take a look at each tactic, so you can determine whether you’ll want to use a white hat or black hat approach when navigating the world of search engine optimization.

Black hat SEO

Marketers who prefer black hat SEO rely on rule-breaking techniques to earn higher rankings. Black hat strategies typically include the following:

  • Unrelated keywords
  • Content or comments generated by bots
  • Doorway pages or fake pages loaded with keywords
  • Hiding text or links within the content in an effort to improve rankings

These are a few of the tricks that are incredibly risky. Once they are detected, a site can be banned or penalized with a lower rank.

White hat SEO

The most successful websites practice white hat techniques. The strategy focuses on making your site more visible through quality content and organic link building. Below are some standard practices for the white hat approach:

  • Creating quality content for your target audience
  • The content is original and highly relevant to a specific niche
  • No spelling or grammar errors
  • The website is focused on a set of relevant keywords
  • Relevant and quality backlinks
  • Meta Descriptions that are actually written for people

This most successful SEO marketers opt for the white hat. Naturally, it will take longer to see results because the strategy focuses on improving your search performance through quality content.

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