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SEO provider in Charlotte benefits website users

SEO provider in Charlotte has best practices that change constantly, and one of the biggest changes for 2019 is that Google is clearly rewarding websites for longform content, as long as it’s written in ways that benefit site users. The best strategy for creating an easy to follow services page is to divide the services into separate content areas, using either a list layout or a grid layout. Now it is important to link each listed service to individual service pages. Having a dedicated page for each service not only improves search engine optimization, it will also improve the user experience. Each page should include the following for each listed service:

  1. An image or group of images that represent the service.
  2. A header title that includes the service name.
  3. A brief service description that includes the problem(s) the service solves, and the benefits of the service.
  4. A call to action button that is labeled “Learn More”, “Find out more”, or “Get Started”

The next step is for SEO managers to review their website service pages and prioritize them in importance. Working from the most to least important, see where you can add informative FAQ sections to expand upon page value. The use of FAQs is important because they are an excellent way to naturally work in keywords. In addition, the inclusion of questions helps you to optimize for voice search queries.

Other effective ways to expand services pages

Other ways to improve service pages is to add a checklist. Checklists should be designed to help site visitors to solve commonly held problems. An individual service page is an excellent place to add testimonials from loyal customers. The goal is to have your individual service pages increase their conversion rates while improving SEO. Search engines want to take the reader to high-quality content in their results. It will pay off in the long run if you provide service page content in a way that satisfies what your target audience wants and needs to know.

SEO marketing expert, Shirley Cress Dudley in Charlotte, NC

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