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SEO for the Charlotte region

SEO (Search Engine Optimization is crucial for your business success if you have an online presence. Did you know that greater nearly 95 percent of online experiences start with the search engine? SEO a significant factor in determining your rank during a search. We want to share some basic and reasonable SEO tips that will help to boost your website rankings.

Use keywords that are relevant to the Charlotte market

The relevant use of keywords begins with understanding how your target audience searches. You must determine exactly which keywords your audience is using that are relevant to your industry, products, and services. There is an abundance of helpful tools and keyword planners that can help you analyze which keywords people are using. Once you have determined the most relevant keywords, you must then create content that utilizes them. However, it is important to understand that the magic is not in the keywords, but in engaging content that contains the proper keywords. You must create content for people and not for search engines.

Create high-quality content

The previous paragraph leads us to the creation of quality content. Search engines tend to give priority to high-quality content. Fundamentally, high-quality content draws readers to your website and makes them stay on your site longer, creating what is called “dwell time.” This is a factor in boosting your SEO rankings. The longer your readers stay on your website, the stronger the message you send to search engines that your content is engaging and authoritative. The consistent publishing of relevant, quality content will keep bringing people to your website.

Focus on local SEO for Charlotte

Local SEO is the relevant use of keywords that are specific to the location of your business or target area. For example, if your company is based in Charlotte or has a target audience that is predominantly in the greater Charlotte area, you should use keyword phrases that contain the word “Charlotte” in them. This will help to improve your rank for location-specific terms, which increases the chance of your website ranking high in the search results.

Improve your website speed

Prospective customers do not wait around if it takes a long time for a page to load. Research reveals that nearly 50 percent of people will leave a mobile site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Search engines consider user experience to be highly important. Web page load speed is a factor that search engines take into consideration when ranking a page for the search results. There are numerous tools available to help you improve page load speed.

SEO marketing experts in Charlotte, NC

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