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SEO friendly blog posts for Charlotte businesses

SEO-friendly blog posts used to be called word salad. To create an article, the “writer” put words on a page… any words, and then stuffed in the prescribed percentage of a keyword and you had the finished product. 500-1000 random words and the assigned keywords, not necessarily in any coherent order. For those of you who are too young (and fortunate) to remember, the goal was not to entertain the reader, the goal was to get highly ranked by the search engine. In those days (about 10 years ago) many “writers” could barely speak English and they were cranking out blog posts for monetizing websites 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For some companies, writing for SEO purposes and writing to attract and captivate you audience still seems like conflicting goals. The latest evolution of search engines are much smarter and give much more weight and ranking to superior prose, grammar, sentence structure, and originality. We want to offer a few helpful tips on composing blog posts that are both readable and SEO-friendly. In fact, it’s crucial that these attributes go hand in hand.

The first step

Just as you cannot bake a cake without flour, you cannot write an SEO friendly blog post without keywords. The first step is to do keyword research. If you want higher rankings, you will have to determine which words your audience actually use in their searches. These keywords are the topics you should write about, and the words you should use in your text. There are a number of tools to help you with this process in a limited way. You should consider consulting with an SEO expert. Let’s consider some basic writing tips for engaging blog posts.

Plan your post

If we were to give a speech at a public event, very few of us would just show up and talk off the top of our head. In the same way, you must think carefully about the message of your post. What’s the purpose and goal of your article? What do you want your readers to do at the end of the page? Every post should have:

  • An introduction – a paragraph in which you introduce your topic
  • A body – a few paragraphs that contain the main message
  • A conclusion – summarizing the most important ideas

Write out what you want to say in all three sections, and you should have a fairly coherent article.

The use of paragraphs

Use paragraphs, and each paragraph should have its own idea or subject. You should be able to summarize that main idea of each paragraph in one sentence. If you need more sentences, you need more paragraphs.

Use headings

Think of headings as the skeleton of the post. You should be able to read the headings and know what the author is trying to say. Headings are important for SEO as well. Search engines are able to grasp the main topics of a post and therefore can help in your ranking.

SEO marketing experts in Charlotte, NC

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