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Search engine marketing for Charlotte, NC

Search engine marketing in Charlotte provides an opportunity for your advertising to reach a wide audience. Both B2B and B2C marketers list search engine marketing as their most widely used tool. Search engines have updated their advertising programs to accommodate the needs of modern marketers. In this article, we want to discuss current search engine marketing trends, and how to make the most of them.

Increased character limits

It was challenging to market in just 70 characters, and with a 25-character headline. The most prominent search engines are testing expanded text ads that will allow advertisers more characters with two headlines. Advertisers should have the ability to write engaging ads that fit these changes. It should be easier to convey basic information about your business and include a clear call-to-action using relevant keywords. These changes will make your ad more likely to show up in consumer searches and improve your search engine optimization. Google AdWords has a Keyword Planner that can help you to implement the best potential keywords for your campaign.

Responsive design

Responsive design is not specific only to websites anymore. It is crucial that your search engine ads are capable of adjusting to the size of different screens. Ads can now be designed to adjust to the format that their content is being viewed in. Responsive design is known as an effective way to get around ad-blocking software. This means that your ad will be more likely to be viewed over 50% more than banner ads.

Targeting by device type

Nearly 70% of Americans own a smartphone. It’s highly likely that your ads will be viewed on one of these devices. Google is allowing advertisers to target ad campaigns by the device they are viewed on. Bing takes this approach a step further by allowing campaign performance data to be segmented by device.

Local search ads

Local searches can be the most effective way to drive potential customers to your door. Google has made changes to ad displays on Google Maps that will help you gain more customers through local searches. These changes include showing ads in the local map, indicating specials at your business with promotional pins. This means that you will need to pay close attention to your local SEO strategy.


Your overall strategy is about reaching your target audience; remarketing allows you to personalize your contact with them. Data collected by your analytics programs, allows you to choose who sees your ads and where they see them. You can further target your prospects by using demographic information about them, such as age, location, or gender. This information allow you to write more effective ads that can be used as another element of your overall search engine advertising campaign.

Search engine marketing by Charlotte SEO expert, Shirley Cress Dudley

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