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About search engine marketing

If your small business or organization is looking to venture into online advertising, search engine marketing may be an excellent way to start. This enables your company to very specifically target keywords or phrases to promote your business to a certain audience.

Search engine marketing can be organic or paid. Organic search engine marketing consists of structuring your website and content strategically so that it will rank higher in search terms for the phrases or keywords that you target.

Paid search engine marketing consists of buying placement in search results, or in the sidebar attached to search results in search engines. This model works similarly to more traditional forms of advertising like newspaper or magazine advertising. The cost for placement can vary depending on the specificity and popularity of the keywords used. It is possible to pay “per click”, meaning that you are only charged when someone clicks on the add that takes them to your site.

Search engine marketing for small and local businesses

This can be ideal for small or local businesses largely because it can be used very specifically. For example, you can specifically target searches that mention your local area as well as your industry in order to make sure that you are getting the greatest possible return for your investment. You can also choose keywords that are more or less competitive (and therefore expensive) in order to manage your spend.

Getting the most from your search engine marketing spend

If you are new to this, you may find that it takes some trial and error to optimize your strategy. In order to avoid wasting time or money, consider working with an experienced online marketing consultant in order to develop and implement your search engine marketing campaign.

Your Charlotte, NC online marketing consultant

Both the strategic and technical aspects of effective search engine marketing can be difficult to master, even for those who are tech savvy. Partnering with an expert in this area can help you get started and ensure that you are using your search engine marketing budget wisely.

If your business is located in or around Charlotte NC, you may want to contact the expert team at SCD Consulting Services. They can work with you to outline your strategy for search engine marketing, as well as any of your other digital marketing needs.

SCD Consulting Services offers a full range of online marketing services and expertise- founder Shirley Cress Dudley and her team can help your business with all facets of digital marketing including social media marketing, website design and development, content management, search engine optimization, and more. Contact SCD Consulting Services today to learn more about how they can help your business grow with online marketing.