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Search engine marketing is comprised of many parts. One of the most significant undertakings is link building. Yet many companies that have in-house SEO teams, either miss on the ethics, or pay very little attention to this element of SEO, even while the search engines have made it very clear that only “authority” websites will receive top rankings in the search results. To be classified as an authority website, you must have relevant content and great traffic. They judge you by who you “hang out with,” hence, it is crucial to make link building efforts that will strategically embed your links within these sites.

Ethical link building

Your focus should only be on white-hat link building, which still involves a variety of methods. Your team has to utilize ethical methods to create relationships with bloggers or influencers. The first goal is to convince them that there is a mutual benefit for their readers by the provision of increased value through your content. It is very important to only pursue relevant links that make sense to your industry. Link building profiles can include:

  • Links on high authority blogs and publications
  • Editorial and citation-based links
  • Industry specific directory and vendor profiles
  • Local citations where applicable
  • Blog comment links
  • Forum links, depending on your industry

These can only be obtained by creating a relationship with your high-quality content, and another website. The beauty is that quality link building results in increased awareness which leads to extra links. The benefits of these efforts are:

  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Additional traffic from referral links
  • A diverse and natural link profile
  • Traffic and increased rankings will provide more visitors
  • More leads and business for your company

It must be understood that link building is extremely time consuming. Do not be surprised if it takes as long as a month to get the first link. Combining high-authority link building with volume link building pay off in the long-run.

Search engine marketing by a local Charlotte SEO expert

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