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TaxVantage Consulting can save you money on your taxes- contact Wes MaMatejka today

If you want to save on your taxes, I know just the company for you. Wes Matejka is the founder and president of Tax Vantage Consulting. I have worked with Wes and highly recommend him as a man of integrity, hard work ethic, and desire to help you save the most money possible in your taxes, legally and safely.

We has had the joy of working with real estate investors, private practice medical professionals, financial advisers, CPA’s, and business owners from virtually every sector in almost every state for over 5 years.Wes Matejka can help you save money on your taxes- contact him today

His consulting firm, Tax Vantage Consulting,  prides itself on personal, one-on-one guidance. He works side-by-side with you and your existing CPA to put in place the strategies and documentation necessary to reduce by 35-50% what you pay in income taxes every year as long as you continue to own your business or practice.

Wes is married and lives in Florida.  He has 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

Contact Wes Matejka (sounds like “Jamaica”) for a free consultation today.
Sarasota, FL Office: 941-548-4466
San Diego, CA Office: 858-259-0000
Wes’ Cell: 409-926-7388