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All of our services are based on what your particular company needs:
  • No cookie cutter marketing packages
  • Each quote comes with choices and different levels of services
  • No contracts. You work with us as long as you are satisfied with the results. You can cancel at any time, with 30 days notice. Once you give your 30 day’s notice, our services stop 30 days after the next billing cycle.

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If you’re using an online marketing company that doesn’t revise their marketing strategies for you, on a month-to-month basis, then you are way behind in where you need to be in the search engines.

With SCD Consulting Services:

  • NO 1-800 numbers with people who don’t know you
  • NO “forever websites” or “last marketing campaigns you’ll ever need” that don’t change when the market and Google algorithms change
  • NO chat lines- talking to people in other countries who don’t understand your questions (Doesn’t that just drive you crazy?)
  • NO taking your money- and then you never hear from them again (How do you know they’re doing the job, without a monthly report or any contact from them?)

Here’s a description of our Services:

Before we can be the most effective in our online marketing, it’s important to get your website optimized and ready for your customers and the search engines.  Our first 3-6 weeks is spent doing an Initial Set up.

After the Initial Set Up, then we begin our Monthly Online Marketing Services for you- everything you need to dominate your market.  The reason we work on a monthly basis is because Google isn’t looking for a static website. Google has many different algorithms to determine which sites show up at the top of the search engines. Some of these algorithms include:

  • Freshness: movement and activity on your site, as you add new and original content
  • Comprehensiveness: finding the content that relates to your keywords on each particular page
  • Relevancy: relevant links pointing to your site (not just links, but relevant links)
    Importance: related content pointing to your site as an authority site (telling Google that you are important and relevant related to your keywords)
  • Speed:  Google wants to use websites that load fast. This is one of the reasons that we don’t endorse Flash. If you have a small quantity of Flash (movement) on your home page, and it loads fast- that’s O.K., but excessive Flash will slow down the loading of your site, and while your site is loading, Google will skip to the next website.
  • Google is continually updating and changing their algorithms, it’s our job, here at SCD Consulting Services, to stay on top of the changes. We do the research and the work to figure out what changes need to be made in your marketing strategies each month. The reason we refer primarily to Google is because it is the largest search engine in the world. The work that we do will make you strong in the Google search engines, along with the Yahoo, Bing/Microsoft and other search engines.

You will be kept informed of any marketing strategy changes through contact with your Client Account Manager. He or she will present and discuss a detailed monthly report with you, and also be available by email and cell phone throughout the month, to take care of any of your online marketing needs.

Remember- we only work with one type business in your market area- so we will never work with your competition as long as we are working with you.

Here is more detailed information on our local business online marketing services:

SEO = Search Engine Optimization
Social Media
Link Building
Website Design
PPC- pay per click

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