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Online marketing is the art and science of selling products and/or services over digital networks, such as the internet and cellular phone networks. It requires the expertise to find the right mix of strategies that appeal to your target market and will convert into sales. Online marketing is a science, that utilizes the research and analysis that goes into both developing your strategy and measuring the success of that strategy. Consider the following components of online marketing:

  1. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing includes Search Engine Optimization simply called by the acronym, SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process of designing your business website so that it ranks higher in the search engine listings whenever potential customers search for terms that match your product offerings. Search Engine Marketing statistics can provide critical feedback on the effectiveness of your ads and digital marketing efforts.

  1. Email Marketing

The first step is to build a subscriber email list of potential customers who may be interested in your products or services. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message out. You can keep both potential customer and loyal customers up to date with new products, upcoming events, and special offerings. Online marketing specialists can help you to send out customized product or service offerings, specific to the customer’s needs.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are just a few of the platforms available for opportunities for marketing online. Keep in mind that social media is a constant conversation. It requires active participation, which is much different from simply posting ads for your products or services.

  1. Blogging

A business blog is a tremendous way to communicate with your customers and to keep them informed about your products or services. A company blog can be used to provide advice and get useful feedback. Posts can be customized to speak to very specific local or regional issues.

  1. Online Advertising

When we speak of online advertising, banner ads are probably your first thought. They still exist, but on the internet, there is a myriad of options available, from interstitials to text ads. Social media sites offer their own advertising platforms.

You need an online presence

Online marketing is vitally important to small businesses of all types. In the past, internet marketing could be ignored by brick-and-mortar businesses. However, eight in 10 Americans are now shopping online. That is up from just two in 10 back in 2000. In addition, data strongly indicates that conservatively, 88 percent of consumers research their buys online before making a purchase online or in-store.

Online marketing company in Charlotte, NC

Numerous businesses in Charlotte area who have needed online marketing services, have experienced impressive results. Of course, this investment in their online presence more than pays for itself. You can expect extraordinary results because the focus is singularly on your business, and not competitors in your market area. In other words, if they provide you with online marketing services, they will not work with a business that competes in your market, if you are the client.

SCD Consulting Services can get the job done. Shirley Cress Dudley and her consulting team are experts in their field. Their goal is to help you achieve a consistently high-ranking position on a wide variety of search engines and business directories. Call SCD Consulting Services as this team of professionals look forward to talking with you, learning about your business, and helping you focus on what you do best. It will be your giant step towards effective online marketing, moving your business to the top of the search engines, sending you more traffic and customers.