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Social media marketing can give your business a personality 

The essence of social media marketing is to create a sort of corporate personality — a self-consistent, positive public image for your business and maintain that image over a variety of online platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and your own website and blog. Your customers should feel like they know you and your business and have a good sense of what to expect. This may also help your online advertising feel less like advertising and more like self-expression.  

In order to make this happen, you need Charlotte NC, experts in social media marketing who can help you create the right sort of marketing campaigns. The best marketing strategies are those that help you to hang on to the customers you already have, letting them know about new products and great deals. This lets you build a relationship with them, so that they want to choose you over your competitors.  

Inbound advertising 

There is one great advantage to social media marketing, and that is that if it is done properly, everyone you reach is likely to be someone who is interested in your product or one like it. This eliminates the waste we take for granted in old-fashioned advertising, in which you send your message to thousands or millions of people, only a tiny fraction of whom may be paying attention and interested in your product. This is called outbound advertising, as opposed to inbound advertising — ads aimed at helping people who are already looking for you find you.  

With the aid of search engine optimization, when someone is searching for a product or service in your area like the one you offer, your business can be one of the first that appears. This is important, because although search engines produce thousands or millions or results, most people do not bother to click past the first page or so. Your site needs to be on that page.  

Social media marketing assistance in Charlotte, NC 

SCD Consulting Services provides concierge online marketing services for medical and dental practices and other small to medium sized businesses, including social media marketing services. We create, optimize and maintain social media accounts for local businesses to help them attract more customers. After the initial four to six weeks, we will be happy to teach an employee of yours how to maintain and monitor your social media accounts. We offer a large selection of marketing services, which are customized for whatever your company needs in order to dominate its market area. Our services are available to any business or practice in the United States. We only promote one company in any given service area in any city. Call today to get started with social media marketing.