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Digital marketing is not for amateurs 

Digital marketing is a job in itself, even in a medium-size market like Charlotte, NC. It means having a blog, updating it regularly, knowing the keywords your customers are looking for and maintaining your image online. Trouble is, as a business owner you already have a full-time job. You know the selling points of your own business better than anybody, and you have a pretty clear idea of who your customers are, but things like search engine optimization (SEO) are not what you went into business to do.  

As with any other form of marketing, the best way to handle digital marketing is to pay for it to be done by people who do it for a living. Explain to them what information you want to impart and let them take it from there. 

Marketing in words and video 

Words and video should both be part of your marketing plan. Blogging as an advertising medium has come a long way in the past few years. When it comes to SEO, repeating your keywords over and over again without context in the text of your ad or blog post works about as well as repeating them again and again while staring into a mirror and hoping a customer appears. The trick is to make them a natural part of the text while including other phrases that are a part of the conversation around your keywords.  

As for video, YouTube has expanded their digital marketing in a big way. (Users would probably say too big.) Here again, the trick is to make your advertisement pleasant or useful, something that customers will watch for its own sake or to learn something. It does not have to be entirely focused on your company or your product. 

Digital marketing on video can also be a great way to showcase your expertise. If you can find an interesting way to talk about what you do and how you do it, this will encourage customers to think of you when they think of your product. 

Digital marketing services in Charlotte, NC 

SCD Consulting Services provides concierge online marketing services for small to medium sized businesses, especially medical and dental practices. We help local businesses attract more customers by using SEO to strengthen their presence on the Internet. We offer a large selection of marketing services, which are customized for whatever your company needs in order to dominate its market area. We offer the best SEO in Charlotte, but our services are available to any business or practice in the United States. We only promote one company in any given service area in any city. Call today to get started with digital marketing.