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Digital marketing in Charlotte, NC

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Digital marketing can help you reach new customers without breaking the bank. Have you committed your company to generating new business and revenues through digital marketing? Because of all the options afforded through newer online marketing channels, small companies have never had more access to affordable, trackable marketing tools. Do you need a few ideas to make your online marketing more effective? Consider the following ways that successful businesses are reaching new customers online:

  1. Start a blog 

Content is king, and it will be for the foreseeable future. I can hear all the collective sighs of exasperation as the question is asked, “Who has time to write articles, even if they had the skill?” Change your thinking. Treat your blog as a written record, and response to the questions that your customers ask you all the time. You can publish helpful posts that not only answers questions, but also gives you an effective way to show off your expertise to potential customers as they search for answers online. Blogs are an ideal way for people to find out more about the products and services you offer. If time is truly an issue, perhaps you can hire a marketing company to provide timely, SEO driven articles.

  1. Encourage people to join your email list 

Email marketing is probably the oldest (relatively speaking) forms of digital marketing. More importantly, it continues to be one of the most effective. If you are inexperienced with email marketing, getting started is easy. You can hire a online marketing consultant to help you get through the process of gathering contacts online. They may help you to add a sign-up form to your website and drive the process by sending professional messages through a mobile-responsive email template. Email marketing can drive real business results.

  1. Encourage reviews and testimonials

In addition to your website and social media accounts, you can create a presence on review sites. Encouraging and expanding your product and service reviews can be one of the best ways to make an impression on potential customers. The first step is to collect genuine reviews from customers who love frequenting your business or your website. Start by creating a call to action on your Facebook page. In every email blast, ask loyal or satisfied customers to share a review.

About referrals, simply start by asking your existing customers to refer your business. Word of mouth and personal referrals can be one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. This is easily accomplished by sending out a personal appeal through your email list. You can also offer an online survey or poll, as a means of showing your new customers that you genuinely want to get a better sense of their interests and needs.

Digital marketing in the Charlotte region

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