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Digital marketing tools are important. In this regard, your website is a living organism that constantly needs to be fed. The critical mistake of a lot of companies is to create a website, and once the website is online, they expect it to become the adoration of the masses. The reality is that it takes time and a lot of work to drive traffic to your website, and even more work to increase that traffic. It’s an investment, and if approached properly, it will pay off exponentially.

New content and search engines

Search engines run on the basic principle of “relevance.” The results of any subject search will be listed in content by relevance to the topic at hand. Google uses a software that “crawls” through the web, analyzing and indexing new and updated information. When you go without adding content to your website long enough, there is nothing new for the software to crawl through. Ultimately, your website will have nothing to index and the search engine drops your website down the totem pole in the order of relevant subjects related to the search. Over time, your site will see less and less traffic until you have a stagnant page.

Keeping up with the times

The phrase, “keeping up with the times,” used to refer to at least a decade. These days, you do not want to be last week’s news, because no one will read you. There are many websites that are still relating to last year’s news to sell or promote its products and services. Many businesses have basically reinvented themselves through their websites and social media platforms into purveyors of the most recent news. Your digital marketing tools give you the ability to connect yourself to whatever is on the public’s mind. The more pertinent your website is to trending topics, the more you end up driving traffic.

Industry authorities

The main goal for every company should be to become an “Industry Authority.” Through fresh content, you can become a reliable source that people go to in order to find out all about your industry. To reach this status, you will need to constantly produce frequent updates and fresh content that is exceptionally organized. Each new post gives search engines another page to index. Industry authorities have up to tens of thousands of pages indexed by search engines. To attain this goal, you may need to call on an SEO expert who can help you assess your whole user experience and enhance your website to put it on top of the relevance list.

Digital marketing in the Charlotte region

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