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Digital marketing mangers know that video marketing is on the rise, and every successful company will be using it. Let’s look at some video marketing statistics:

  1. YouTube experiences a 100% annual rise of mobile video consumption every year
  2. Videos on social media are shared 1200% more than combinations of text and images
  3. 64% of video viewers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

It is crucial that you do learn about video marketing. If it is new for you, there are some easy errors that can be made in video marketing. We can help you avoid the common errors and identify video marketing best practice. Consider the following guidelines for companies:

  1. Creating controversy or using stereotypes

There are many brands that do it, but this practice should be avoided. Beyond racial and ethnic stereotypes, avoid gender stereotype such as the happy housewife or lifestyles that are just not relatable for many.

  1. Having a convoluted message

The foundation of digital marketing is that your campaign needs to have a clear message. Having too many messages is confusing and overwhelming. Customers who watch videos have a very short attention span. Be direct with your customers so there is no doubt what your message is. Be sure to just stick to one.

  1. Videos are too long

The secret to keeping customers engaged and wanting to come back is to keep videos short and compact. Only 46% of viewers watch videos all the way to the end. If you have not fully engaged your audience in the first 30 seconds, you will lose at least 33% of them. After one minute, 45% of viewers will have stopped watching.

  1. Failing to add a “call to action”

Skipping the CTA makes your video worthless for your company. Entertaining and/or educating viewers is not the goal. You want to turn them into loyal customers. In your CTA, focus on summarizing the whole video and inviting the viewer to act.

  1. Not using SEO

SEO does not apply only to webpages. SEO drives everything on the internet. Search engines rank videos like they ranks written content. Quality backlinks and the relevance of content all come into account.

Video marketing can be goldmine, or it can be a minefield. If you can avoid mistakes, you will create content that is compelling and is easily discovered. Most importantly, you will provide content that converts customers.

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