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Elements of online marketing 

Whether your business is local or national, you need to make online marketing a central part of your strategy. Your business blog is a key part of this effort. Businesses that have their own blogs should update them once or twice a week with a post at least 450 words long. If you do not have the time or writing skill for this, hire professional writers to do it for you. You should see your blog not just as an advertisement, but as a useful source of information and a way to keep in touch with your long-term customers and build their trust and brand loyalty. 

Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts are also a part of online marketing, and should be handled with care. Hardly a week passes without hearing about some business that put the wrong person in charge of its Twitter account and discovered the hard way that there really is such a thing as bad publicity. It is important to make sure that the best Charlotte, NC professionals are in charge of every aspect of your online image. 

SEO and online marketing 

The key to online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO — putting key words and phrases in your blog post that your customers are likely to search for, so that your blog post will be one of the first items to appear in their search results. If you have ever done a search and found a site amid the Google results that has nothing to do with what you want, in which your chosen keywords are in the middle of a list of other, unrelated keywords, you have seen an early form of SEO which was never much in use by reputable businesses and is increasingly obsolete. Online marketing should be organic — the words, images and video you use should be a natural and seamless part of the web site. If they seem natural to a human, then they will seem natural to a search engine algorithm no matter how sophisticated they become in the future. 

 Online marketing services in Charlotte, NC 

SCD Consulting Services provides concierge online marketing services for small to medium sized businesses, especially medical and dental practices. We help local businesses attract more customers by using SEO to strengthen their presence on the Internet. We offer a large selection of marketing services, which are customized for whatever your company needs in order to dominate its market area. We offer the best SEO in Charlotte, but our services are available to any business or practice in the United States. We only promote one company in any given service area in any city. Call today to get started with online marketing.