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Mobilegeddon:  Is your website mobile friendly?

Some are calling the most recent Google algorithm “Mobilegeddon”– since many sites will now disappear in the search engines, due to lack of mobile friendliness.

This major algorithm change will change the order in which websites are ranked, Will your website survive mobilegeddon? Contact SCD Consulting Services for help!based on when people search for them on their phone or tablet. This algorithm on Google will favor the mobile- friendly sites. Right now, 60% of online traffic is from mobiles, so Google wants its users to have a good experience.  Here’s what they are looking for:

  • Easy to read, large text
  • Easy to click links
  • Easy to fill out forms
  • ALL websites will either need to be responsive, or have a mobile plugin

It has been called Mobilegeddon or Mobile-geddon because of the catastrophic or apocalyptic it may be for the small business. Most of the people who are at risk are the small businesses with no knowledge of this algorithm change. Many business owners are going to be surprised when the number of visitors to their websites drops significantly.

If you aren’t sure if your site is mobile friendly, go to Google’s own test link and check it out yourself: