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About digital marketing

Can you confidently say that your business is fully optimizing its digital marketing strategy, and seeing an increase in business and customers as a result? If no, you are not alone. Almost one third of small business owners have identified keeping up with technology as a major concern that threatens their business.

As the online space becomes more critical and more prevalent in our society, businesses need to update their marketing strategies to keep up. A solid digital marketing strategy is no longer a “nice to have” for small businesses- it is a must.

Taking a holistic approach to online marketing

When you have a thoughtful and highly functional digital marketing strategy, the sum of all your initiatives can be greater than its parts. A good strategy will be designed so that the elements of digital marketing work both independently and inter-dependently, allowing you to benefit from synergies between platforms and initiatives.

For example, website design is a single facet of digital marketing. However, you can create your website in such a way that it supports search engine optimization and search engine marketing, highlights your social media marketing activity, and features content that draws in potential customers. In this way, you are interweaving different elements in order to get the most return on your efforts and investment.

Crafting your digital marketing strategy

With so many moving parts to consider, creating an effective and efficient digital marketing strategy can be daunting. Often, the overwhelming nature of this prevents small business owners from entering this space at all.

There is a better way to harness this strategy for your business, and it doesn’t require getting an advanced degree in online marketing. Rather, consider working with an experienced consultant who can review your business objectives and help you with the development of a plan that is right for your company’s needs and your budget.

Charlotte NC digital marketing consultant

If you want a truly effective and cutting edge digital marketing strategy, you will want to work with an expert in the field who can help you design, customize, and implement the right plan for your business needs.

If you are located in or around the Charlotte, North Carolina area, consider contacting the team at SCD Consulting Services. Founder Shirley Cress Dudley and her experienced staff have years of expertise creating and implementing holistic online marketing strategies for companies large and small. You can count on SCD Consulting Services to help you with website development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more. Contact SCD Consulting Services today and learn more about how they can help you grow your business with digital marketing.