Logos are important.

Many begin a business without a logo, not realizing how important a log is to your recognition and branding. A good logo can be the foundation for your identity.

The best logos are very simple

Logo for Facebook and cocacolaSome are text only like Facebook or CocaCola. Very simple, and doesn’t define the organization with the logo- just states it’s name. The logo does not define the brand’s purpose, but let’s the graphic stand on it’s own as a shorthand visualization of the business. logo for facebook

Even better and more simple is the Facebook shortened version of the logo- only the “F.” People recognize it immediately- even in it’s simplicity.  Simple is a great key to a memorable logo. This is also more of a Graphic Icon.

Graphic Icons as logos are my favorite. It is a visual representation of the company name.  Keys are minimalist, and easily recognizable. In addition to the Facebook F icon, here are a couple of excellent examples of graphic logos:

graphic logosapple- graphic logographic logo examples

These logo graphics are simple. Some have additional meaning to them, but when you look at each one, you immediately recognize the brand. Simplicity is the key to a successful logo design.

Website Magazine states  that coming up with a strategy to serve as a foundation for a logo design can be a useful way to create a good design. Use simplified visual elements relating to the brand and abstract to create a strong minimalist graphic.

starbucks coffee logoFor example, take Starbucks. In 1971, it was a small Seattle waterfront coffee shop with no logo. It wanted to have a logo that represented the seafaring history of it’s home town, Seattle. The three founders came up with a picture of a two tailed mermaid they found in an old 16th-century marine book. She was exotic and “as seductive as the coffee itself”- founder Terry Schultz said. Side note- the mermaid was originally bare breasted, and then they restyled her hairdo to drape over the trouble spots, once they saw their large logo on the side of a delivery truck!

Another excellent example is the Olympic Games logo. The rings are five interlocking rings, colored blue, yellow, black, green and red on a white field, and known as the “Olympic rings”. The symbol was originally designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, co-founder of the modern Olympic Games. (Wikipedia Reference.) The rings represent the five participating continents in the Olympic games: Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe. Interlocking rings represent unity between the continents, and colors represent nearly every flag that participates. Although the graphic logo has nothing to do with sports, or what happens in the games, you instantly recognize it.

olympic logo

Every logo is different. Come up with a process that works for you, as you keep in mind that simplicity is the key. You logo should have your own unique style and taste, along with creating something unique, memorable and simple.

For help with logos, contact us at SCD Consulting Services, and we will be happy to design several different versions of a logo for you to choose from- based on your creative ideas. Contact us today to get started.






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