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Google AdWords is the last ingredient you need to finally make your Charlotte business take off. Most people, let alone businesses, don’t even know that Google AdWords is even a thing. They’ve got no clue how useful this system can be for marketing your business online. It is a top-secret ingredient used by industry experts who have reached unimaginable heights through this feature. Google AdWords lets you run ads on different websites under Google. There are different plans available if you wish you use this feature however top marketing experts are always in favor of PPC ads. Through PPC Ads, you are only charged if someone clicks on your ad. This is a great way to ensure that your money does not go to waste as you’ll know you’ll only get charged if someone visits your website. Now setting up a Google AdWords account can be quite tricky at times, especially if you’re not that great with technology. But don’t worry, top marketing experts are here to handle it all for you.

Plastic surgery clinic

A client runs a plastic surgery clinic in Charlotte and he wanted to promote his portfolio work online so he could potentially get more bookings. We recommended promoting his clinic through a Google AdWords account. He was unfamiliar with this service but trusted that we were making the best decision possible. Our team of experts had gone ahead and set up a Google AdWords account for him. Through this account, they ran PPC ads to reach the target audience efficiently. Within a couple of days, the client called to inform us that they were fully booked for the next couple of months and that he was really grateful for the services we could provide for him.

Dermatology clinic

A client ran a dermatology clinic in Charlotte and was looking to expand their portfolio of clients but didn’t know-how. They had heard about our top marketing services through a friend and decided to reach out to us to see if there was any way we could help out in the matter. We had a small meeting after which it was decided that a PPC ad through a Google AdWords account would be the best way to reach a higher audience. We then posted a few pieces of their portfolio work in the ad and it became really popular, really quickly. The clinic was constantly being called to sign up for appointments. We then set up a booking page on their website so potential clients can just book their appointments through there instead of calling the clinic.

 Find top Google AdWords experts in Charlotte

If you’ve got a business that’s struggling, look no further! We’re here to revive it and make it thrive and reach new heights. Google AdWords is the best way to promote your brand in 2022. There are millions of different pages on Google. Gone are the days when you have to stare at billboards. As long as you promote your business the right way using SEO-optimized techniques, there’s no limit to the heights it can reach. Our team of experts is exactly what you need to reach new customers and clients. Together we can make your business a well-known brand among the Charlotte community. Contact SCD Consulting Services today, your Charlotte concierge online marketing team for top SEO results.