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Google AdWords and AdSense, in Charlotte NC, are two distinct advertising platforms provided by Google, each with its features and applications. Because they are frequently used in the same context, it is easy to confuse one for the other.  Here are the three most significant differences between them, as well as how you can begin utilizing both immediately.

AdSense is intended for website publishers, whereas AdWords is designed for businesses

Google AdWords is designed for advertisers, whereas AdSense is designed for publishers or web admins.  It is a tool that allows businesses and marketers to advertise on Google’s network of websites (search, display, et.).   Publishers can reserve space on their website for AdWords placements using the AdSense service (video, texts, images). Combined, AdWords and AdSense work to complete Google’s more extensive advertising network: website owners provide space for Google’s ads (AdSense). Businesses set budgets and advertisements to be displayed on Google’s advertising network (AdWords).

AdSense compensates website owners, while AdWords compensates businesses.

Google AdWords is different from AdSense because it is that AdWords is used to purchase advertising from Google. Meanwhile, AdSense is used to sell advertisement space to Google.  Businesses use AdWords to pay for their advertisements on Google’s search and display networks. With AdSense, website owners are compensated by Google for making valuable website real estate available for AdWords placements on their pages.

Google AdWords and AdSense registration processes are distinct

Signing up for separate accounts for AdWords and AdSense will be required before you can begin utilizing either service. Signing up for AdWords is simple; you can create an account in minutes and start advertising immediately. You are now prepared to construct campaigns and distribute your advertisements across Google’s advertising network. Google asks for a little more information about you and your website before you can sign up for AdSense. You’ll need the following supplies: Your webpage is perfect. Language of the URL Account type Please include your name and mailing address. After you’ve signed up with AdSense, you’ll be able to do the following: Choose the kind of advertisements you wish to show on your website. Choose the location on your website where you want the promotions to AdSense.

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