Employment Opportunities with SCD Consulting Services:

Sales Position

Do you want additional income- and already have an ongoing relationship with medical or dental practices?

We have a couple of openings for sales reps. This is for someone that wants an easy way to generate additional income, or is looking for part time work, and has relationships with medical and dental practices.

Qualities we prefer:

  • Experience in medical or dental sales (and can explain or document past successes)
  • Enjoys talking with people.
  • Access to high speed internet, personal computer and cell phone
  • Proficient understanding of the internet, and willingness to learn more
  • Ability to perform well with little supervision

This is an excellent opportunity for someone that is self-motivated, hard working, loves talking to people, and wants to work as an independent contractor.  Compensation is 100% commission- $500 per client who decides to use our online marketing services. $250 commission if they only want a website.

As soon as a client agrees to our services and pays us 50% down…- you are given $250, and then $250 more in 2 weeks, when they make their final payment- for a total of $500 commission. This is a one time “finder’s fee” for each client who accepts our services.

This is an opportunity to make extra income or have part time income:

  • Schedule is very flexible
  • Speak to people in person, on the telephone or emails.

If you’d like more information, contact us directly at Shirley@scdconsultingservices.com .  Send your resume and cover letter with your initial email.   Preference will be given to those who already have experience or existing relationships in the medical and dental professions.

Note:  Any emails or resumes sent directly to FlexJobs will NOT be read- send all resumes and emails to Shirley@scdconsultingservices.com

Thank you.  I look forward to talking with you.

Shirley Cress Dudley
CEO and founder of SCD Consulting Services

Other positions:

Administrative Assistant

  • At this time, all positions have been filled