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Digital marketing to Charlotte millennials

Digital marketing managers who strive for success know that consolidating, strengthening and building a digital presence is all about targeting millennials. Millennials have an inherent and natural connection to digital marketing because they were raised with technology as a central way of getting things done in their everyday lives. They effortlessly navigate through online environments and social media. Hence, millennials are more capable of discerning what is genuine, even (especially) when it is wrapped up in code, color, and fancy fonts. Think of this, millennials grew up holding smartphones the way baby boomers held newspapers. The online world is a very real environment for millennials that require a marketing approach that is significantly different from conventional tactics.

Traditional advertising will not work on millennials

Traditional marketing strategies don’t work on millennials. If you don’t believe me, look at Super Bowl ads from 10 years ago and compare them to Super Bowl ads of today. A 2014 study reveals that 84% of millennials neither like nor trust traditional advertising. This means that our current and future consumers are alarmingly immune to traditional advertising. Brands and companies must now focus on strategies especially designed for an audience in which 8 out of 10 millennials regard their smartphone an essential life tool.

This is forcing most industries into a fully digital direction, with mobile-friendly content being the central focus. If you have been watching the news at all, you will realize that this generation also expects more from the companies and brands they associate with. Particularly when it comes to an organization’s corporate social responsibility and the way it relates to its customers and wider communities. This means that the most successful companies will adapt their marketing strategy to reach the most tech-savvy and socially conscious generation ever.

What works to reach millennials?

To engage this elusive and demanding demographic, marketers reach out via video, digital queries, social media, or a combination of all these platforms. All of them work. Depending on the industry, some of those strategies will work better than others. Ultimately, it comes down to is content. The key is to create dynamic digital content that draws the audience to engage with the information. It is safe to say that social media is an ideal marketing tool with millennials. Your success depends upon your ability to create authentic, socially aware, and unique digital marketing content that appeals to this generations’ digital experience.

Digital marketing experts in Charlotte, NC

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