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Website design for an effective homepage

Best website design doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, what your website visitors should see must be simple, clean, and inviting. Your homepage is a critical component of your website design because:

  1. The homepage welcomes customers to your website
  2. It tells them what you want them to do next
  3. It gently nudges them to explore your site in greater depth

Sometime your products and services can require websites that feature layers of complexity, but your home page should always begin with the basics. Prioritize and determine what you absolutely need on your homepage to represent your brand and help your target audience get to know your business. You want your logo, tagline, and purpose to take center stage.

Making your first impression

Chances are very high that most of your website visitors will find your homepage first. Just as with brick and mortar facilities, you only get one chance to make a solid first impression. You only have a few seconds to provide a sense of your company’s values and your unique selling proposition. You are more likely to convert potential customers if you can effectively communicate this information. It is also an opportunity to make your company memorable by allowing your brand image and messaging to be a prominent part of your first impression. Remember, your homepage serves as the gateway to the rest of your website.

Homepage design to improve the user experience of your website

Both prospective and loyal customers visit your website with a purpose. They may want to learn more about a product or your product line. Some are there to read your blog posts, or to find out if you sell a particular type of service. Homepage design must easily direct the reader to the appropriate page. This can only be accomplished through simple, recognizable, and intuitive navigation.

From surfing to conversions

The ultimate goal is to get your website visitors to convert. Human nature is driven by incentive, and your homepage must give them the necessary incentive and opportunity. This is achieved through eye-catching graphics with the perfect balance of white space, combined with one or two buttons that will offer a benefit of some sort. For example, a winery may have a button that says, “Click here to learn more about free wine-tasting tours.” Making important information easily accessible on your homepage, will increase the likelihood of an increase in conversions.

Website design by Charlotte SEO expert, Shirley Cress Dudley

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