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Finding your digital marketing audience for Charlotte

Best digital marketing is extremely effective, but your online content will never have any impact unless it is presented to the right audience. If you want to engage and convert consumers, you need to know two things, who they are and where they are. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your typical customers male, female, or a mixture?
  • What is their age range?
  • What is their median income?
  • What are their important likes and dislikes?
  • Are they primarily local, or do they live all over the world?
  • Do they come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds?

Once you have discovered who your target audience is, you can use this information to determine where they hang out online.

Where does your target audience hang out?

For examples, teenagers tend to congregate on platforms such as Snap chat, Instagram and Twitter; professionals over the age of 35 make up the majority of LinkedIn users. Facebook use is highly common among those between the ages of 50 to 64. Pinterest’s 250 million users are predominantly female. Once you figure out where your target demographic resides online, you will have a clearer picture of where to direct your digital marketing efforts. This information is not hard to find, there have been countless studies and articles published on the demographics of social media users. However, the numbers change as fast as the technology does, it would be well worth the investment to consult with an online marketing consultant.

Where does your competitors hang out?

Another factor you need to consider is where are your direct competitors engage with their customers. Which social media platforms do they favor? It is reasonable to consider the possibility that if they have found actual success on certain platforms, you can too. Just remember that it is not feasible for small to medium businesses to maintain a strong presence on every single social media platform. Instead, it makes good business sense to go with those platforms that will give your particular company the best possible results.

Digital marketing consultants in Charlotte, NC

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