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Digital marketing helps a business communicate with its customers far and wide. The Coronavirus emergency will end, and there will be a slow, progressive, and complete recovery. Here are some suggestions for important digital marketing tasks to do right now in order to be ahead of your competitors.

Interview your client and staff

Interview your customers, your team, your staff, asking them what their experience has been in relation to your products, services, or the values ​​you convey with your work. Contact them through videocall. Record videos with Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype. Quick tip: if you want, automate audio transcription with or Microsoft Word’s Dictate function.

In the coming months, these transcripts and related videos will become a very rich source of information and inspiration for your posts, social content, draft for exchanging posts with other sites, etc.

Mini-audit your published contents so far

A complete audit of your content published so far is a long and complex undertaking, but there is a lot of information that can be obtained even with a simple mini-audit, aimed at improving the performance of your content published so far.

Prepare a webinar for digital marketing

If you have some free time, now is a good time to learn how to prepare and conduct webinars. Talk about the details of your products, introduce new people, inspire your audience on what they can do or have from your business when it’s all over.

Check your competition’s SEO

For a long time, you have been focused on your business, your site, your results, your SEO. Now you can take a look at the competition. Check the search results on Google – SERP – of searches with your main keywords and try to understand why competitors rank better than you.

Work on your reputation for digital marketing

The digital reputation of your company is the sum of what others say about you in the various digital channels.

Make sure there is someone who regularly checks all the channels where your target may be talking about you; make sure there are thanks for good speakers and professional responses to negative comments. Make sure there is a shared policy to manage the answers to any questions that are asked. Prepare answer templates for the most common questions.

Update your Google my business profile for local customers

Have you changed your working hours? Have you taken special precautions to avoid Covid-19 contagion? Google rewards companies that use Google My Business tools to let their users know that they have changed something with a better ranking.

Stay in contact with your audience

Staying in digital contact with your audience during a pandemic is unprecedented. We can agree that it depends on your business sector, the relationship you have established, and the purpose of the communication. Here are some suggestions.

  • If your customers are used to hearing from you regularly via email / DEM, direct message or social media, don’t be absent, don’t neglect the relationship.
  • Surely, avoid exploiting the disaster to promote products or services.
  • Think creatively, and think about how you can offer reassurance, social connection, or even tangible assistance during an emergency. For example, you can launch a live video appointment once a week, talk about trends in your industry, and possible specific future actions related to your product or service.
  • If you have built a very large audience, offer to make it available to authorities for important messages and communications. Public functions are not always able to promptly contact large masses of users, and help in this sense could be invaluable.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and it’s resulting economic implications are unprecedented. Businesses all over the globe have suffered from this unfortunate turn of events. No one has the power to change what has happened, but you could well determine the success of your business going forward. You can do this by being ahead of your competitors through having a great digital marketing strategy for a post COVID-19 economy. To be well and truly ahead of your competitors, you may need to employ the services of digital marketing experts.

SCD consulting services are experts in digital marketing. Our experts have the experience, resources, and knowledge to design a great digital marketing strategy for your business and build a great online presence for a post COVID-19 economy. Contact SCD Consulting Services today, your Charlotte concierge online marketing team for top SEO results.