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Digital marketing involves many strategies, one of which is the use of emails marketing. On average, a professional receives about fifty e-mails per day. So, you need to learn how to make your emails stand out. These few good practices will maximize your chances of success in your next emailing campaigns.

Take care of the subject of your emails

The subject line of your email is the first thing your recipient sees. The objective is, in about thirty characters and in the space of a few seconds, to arouse curiosity and envy in the latter. While there is no single recipe for crafting effective items, following certain rules can help improve your open rate.

A common practice is to put in an eye-catching subject line that actually has no connection to the content of the email.

Think about the pre-headers

Most mailboxes display a preview of the content – visible before opening – below the subject line. In the absence of a pre-header, the reader has in preview the beginning of the email by default, which is often the sentence: “if you do not view this email correctly, click here.” The pre-header is therefore an additional opportunity to arouse the curiosity of your readers. It is about making them want to know more to encourage them to discover all the content.

Personalize the sender

To create a privileged and personalized bond with your contacts, it is recommended to use your first name or even to choose an imaginary first name which will interact with them. The contact personifies the sender and ends up being able to identify the source and the content type of the email more quickly.

Day and time of dispatch

Of course, you should avoid sending your emails on weekends, as they may end up drowned in the middle of a pile of other emails.

Statistically, the preferred days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, although this last day your shipments may be put aside before the weekend and, in the end, stay there for a long time. So, ideally, send your emails on Tuesday and / or Thursday to maximize reading. Moreover, note that more than a quarter of emails are opened during the hour following their sending. You must therefore choose the right time slot to adapt to your target for the best result in your digital marketing.

Take care of the content of your emails

Make sure that the texts of your emails are not too dense, at the risk of losing your reader while reading. Also, keep in mind that the latter can choose not to display the images contained in your emails. Finally, be aware that spam filters do not appreciate excess images. The right ratio – and towards which we advise you to aim – is 60% text for 40% image.

Think responsive

A recent study shows that 61% of Internet users read their emails on a smartphone and 31% of them indicate that sometimes or often, emails do not display correctly on their smartphone. It is therefore necessary that your email content is automatically adapted according to the terminal used to view it.

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Writing a good email copy is an important ingredient to success in email marketing, and consequently in digital marketing. The tips we’ve provided in this article will help you make your email marketing more effective.  However, if you are interested in email marketing for your business and would you like to discuss it with an expert in the field, don’t hesitate to contact SCD consulting services.

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