SCD Consulting Services

Business or Niche Idea

Do you have a business or niche idea and wonder if it’s profitable?

Let us do the research for you.  We’ll find out if your business or niche idea is worth your time.

business or niche idea- contact Shirley Cress Dudley and SCD Consulting Services

  • Find out how much traffic you can expect
  • Figure out if people are already purchasing this product or service
  • Learn the most popular keywords, that are being searched for on the internet, for this niche
  • We’ll even provide a suggested list of available domain names, and recommended names for your Twitter and Facebook accounts!

Don’t waste your time or money or an idea that won’t work. Contact SCD Consulting Services for an evaluation of your idea and market competition.

After you decide on a business, consider using Shirley Cress Dudley as your online business coach. Read testimonials here from some who have received coaching from Shirley. Learn about our coaching services- here.