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SEO myths will make you miss your SEO strategy. It is easy to get lost when you know that Google uses more than 200 positioning criteria to establish its search rankings. This has led to many myths about search engine optimization. These myths come in the form of false ideas, bad practices, or obsolete ideas. But don’t panic, SCD Consulting services is here to guide you! So, we decided to debunk for you, some SEO myths that still persist.

Social networks allow you to improve your natural referencing

Certainly, there is a correlation between your strategy on social networks and the ranking of your site on search engines, the impact is however indirect. On several occasions, Google has denied taking into account your data from social networks such as the number of fans, shares or likes, in determining its ranking calculations. Placing outbound links on Facebook or Twitter also has no direct impact on your positioning, as these are “no follow” links.

However, even if social media does not have a direct impact on SEO, it should not be overlooked.  When you promote your content on social media, the goal is to drive traffic to your website. So, if your content is relevant and appreciated by your subscribers, it should drive traffic to your site. This influx will increase your popularity in the eyes of Google, which indirectly will have an impact on your SEO.

No need for good content if meta tags are well optimized

First, for those who missed it, the meta tags in keywords have not been included in the listing criteria of Google in a long time. So, you can always fill them in, but with all the optimizations you have to do, it shouldn’t be a priority. Titles and descriptions are always important and are great calls to action on engine results when they are well written. But these two elements are far from being miraculous.

The content must be one of your priorities.  When a user makes a request, Google will search the pages that are most relevant to the user based on their search. So far, it’s nothing complicated. But by optimizing and organizing the content of your site in a relevant way, you facilitate the taking into account of your key expressions by the robots of the search engines and increase your chances of coming out first. To do this, prioritize text content with high added value, with a certain volume (we speak of 500 to 1000 words minimum per article, unique (no duplicated content!) and relevant, that is to say in line with your theme.

Is SEO using all my keywords?

For Google, content is one of the most important criteria. For this, the relevance of your content is particularly decisive. It’s your readers who will determine the value of your content. Google integrates the concept of content volume into its algorithm, but also analyzes the click-through rates on your content pages that will be analyzed.

So, no question of multiplying the number of keywords in your content that could make them lose their relevance. In addition, Google prefers quality over quantityIt will, therefore, be more judicious to carry out a study to know the good keywords to use and to conceive an editorial strategy and a tree structure of adapted pages rather than to put in excess to cover all the topics.

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Implementing the wrong SEO approach will definitely have a negative effect on your online presence, and would have telling consequences on your business. You need to adopt the right SEO strategies for your business. But with so much information out there, you could easily get lost or overwhelmed. You need the help of an SEO consulting firm.

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