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SEO (search engine optimization) can give many webmasters nightmares. Constant algorithm changes, along with advice from “armchair” SEO enthusiasts can create a maze of facts and myths that can make your head spin. Our goal here is to give you some basic information that can start you on the right path. These tips are easy to follow and can help you optimize your site while improving your user experience. Consider the following:

Step 1 Register with Google search consoles

Search Console is the most effective tool for getting your website to rank better. You will need to register your website and verify it using a code snippet on your site. Once you are registered, submit your sitemap. This is the way you will show Google how your site is laid out, and how to crawl it. Search Console will allow you to see how people are coming to your site, what they are searching for, and any issues that may be affecting your ranking.

Step 2 Optimize your images

Believe it or not, it is important that your website loads fast. If your site uses a lot of images, the best way to speed up their loading is to properly size and compress your images. You must check your website for image sizes. Smaller images equal smaller file size, which means quicker loading. You would be surprised at how much smaller you can make the size of a webpage by doing this.

Step 3 Build backlinks

To increase your rankings, it is important to have backlinks. Getting a link to your website from legitimate websites shows Google that your website has the respect of others. You want to try to get links from popular websites in the specific field. To get them; you simply approach people. Ask a blogger if you can write a guest post or ask a local business if you can exchange backlinks. The object is to build both links and relationships.

Step 4 Make your site mobile friendly

Research shows that most web browsing happens on a mobile device. It is becoming increasingly crucial that your website runs well on mobile devices. Google ranks mobile first, this means that you must make your site mobile friendly.

Step 5 Create quality content

By now, you have probably heard the phrase, “Content is King,“ a million times. Search engines have made advances in artificial intelligence to the point that they now read websites more as a human would. You will receive high ranking for content that is helpful for the person searching. The best way to achieve this on a continual basis, is through a blog. When updated regularly, a blog keeps your website fresh, and gives you a place to offer content that is useful for website visitors.

Step 6 Turn on SSL

Having a secure website using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), is an easy way for you to help protect your website visitors.

SEO consultants in Charlotte, NC

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