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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the sheriff of the wild, wild west that we call the internet. Have you ever heard of Dodge City, Tombstone, Cody, or Virginia City? Any casual student of the old west knows that these towns held a reputation for murderous gun-slingers, liquor-fueled shootouts, saloon fights, and dastardly outlaws. This continued until the town folk realized that their town would be uninhabitable if they don’t bring in a Marshall or a Sheriff to lock up the outlaws. In most every case, the law prevailed and many of these cities still exist today.

For many of us, it is hard to remember that there was a time when the internet had its own wild and lawless period. After search engines began to develop effective algorithms, the outlaws were the practitioners of black hat SEO. If you were reading websites back in the early 2000s, you could come across a highly ranked page where the content was useless because it was ridiculously stuffed with keywords. Since that time, SEO has evolved to root out these outlaws and put them in their proper place.

The Florida update

Florida Update was the first major Google algorithm; this update changed SEO forever. The prime purpose of the algorithm was to detect and penalize any website that practiced keyword stuffing. Many of the websites that consistently populated the top 100 were cleared out. Webmasters now had to exercise some serious SEO. They realized that they needed to make their websites of higher quality. Now, businesses and marketers had to use more than keywords get to the user. This was a “user-focused” approach to SEO that quite ingeniously led to a more captivating and personalized web experience.

The panda farmer update

Near the end of 2010, Google released the Panda Farmer Update. This update punished websites that had non-original and/or low-quality content. This update was crucial because it forced SEO to focus on a higher quality content; which made website more informative and entertaining.

The penguin update

In 2012, the Penguin Update penalized everyone that was buying links or obtaining them through link networks as a means to boost search rankings. Another black hat tactic was penalized; low-quality links and web spam.

The hummingbird update

The Hummingbird Update was implemented in 2013 and was the largest algorithm update ever. Google had built in the ability to analyze the intent behind a query. This update placed greater emphasis on natural language queries, considering context, and meaning over individual keywords. Now webmasters had to optimize their sites with natural writing rather than forced keywords. They also had to make effective use of web development for on-site navigation. They also introduced SERPs, giving local businesses more advertising options than ever before.

SEO is crucial

Today, to successfully optimize a website, webmasters and marketers need to develop valuable content with the focus toward users. As SEO has evolved, there are many guidelines, techniques, and tips for SEO. Is your website optimized to give you its highest ranking? A sure way to find out is to consult with an SEO expert.

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