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About search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the hottest fields in digital marketing strategy. This method of promotion focuses on finding and converting customers in the first place they go online to look for information- search engines.

Search engine marketing is ideal for many small businesses because it allows you to be extremely targeted in your reach. You can narrow down to very specific keyword searches that you want to target, ensuring that you are honed in on just the right audience.

Search engine marketing can by divided into two distinct arenas- organic placement and paid placement.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization encompasses organic placement. It is a series of tactics and methods for building websites in such a way that they will show up as high in search engine results as possible. This can be tailored to a set of keywords or key searches that are relevant and important to the business.

Search engine optimization can be a mix of web design, site structure, content, linking, sharing, and more. This field is constantly evolving, with new and different methods frequently developing.

Paid placement

Paid placement, including “pay-per-click”, is another method of search engine marketing. This generally consists of paying the search engines in order to have your website displayed as a featured result or a sidebar ad in a given consumer’s search results.

The placement is triggered by the use of the keywords or terms that the business has “bought”. The cost per click will vary, depending on the saturation of the particular market and the popularity and specificity of the search.

Your partner for search engine marketing strategy

Search engine marketing can be a complex and technically involved field. There are frequent algorithm changes that necessitate keeping abreast of new trends as they occur. When used correctly, search engine marketing has the power to make a significant impact on your business growth and brand presence. If you are looking to get the most possible return from search engine marketing without investing too much of your time, consider working with an expert online marketing consultant to manage this and other aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

If you are located in or around the Charlotte, North Carolina area, consider contacting the marketing team at SCD Consulting Services. Founder Shirley Cress Dudley and her experienced staff have years of expertise creating and implementing online marketing strategies for companies all over the US. You can count on SCD Consulting Services to help you with search engine marketing, website development, social media marketing, and more. Contact SCD Consulting Services today and learn more about how they can help you grow your business with search engine marketing.