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The importance of website design

Website design in Charlotte NC
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Website design should not be static. The function and design of your website should be as dynamic and fluid as SEO. In fact, web users are very savvy, and they expect a flawless, trendy, online experience from every website. Failure to meet user experience expectations can mean serious trouble for your business. You can be sure that if a prospective customer visits your website, wants to make a purchase, but has a hard time finding the item they were looking for, they will bail out in frustration. Website design is crucial, so today we want to discuss a couple of trends that could improve your user experience.

Plenty of white space

If you search for “best website designs,” you will discover that the trends are going away from heavy color-laden websites. Over the past year, web design experts have eliminated a lot of visual clutter and presented pages that are brighter and cleaner looking. The change is not just aesthetics, it is proven that designs with plenty of white space are easier to read and navigate. Too many graphic elements and too much information in one small space dates your website and makes it less functional. The white space becomes a canvas, making it easier to direct the focus to the most important elements on the page. White space is sort of a misnomer, the space doesn’t even have to be white. It simply needs to be devoid of copy, graphics or even photos. Embracing white space is somewhat retro, it is only a natural solution derived from the continued push to create a better user experience. Websites have become too heavy with colors and graphics. It would be like going to a museum where each room is overflowing with paintings, sculptures, artifacts, and drawings. Visitors will never fully enjoy the experience amidst all the clutter and chaos. Therefore, the best museums have lots of wide-open spaces and warm, inviting light. This is the same principle that drives the design of some of today’s most successful websites.

Bright colors and gradients

Even the cheapest computer screens can deliver vibrant, saturated color. Remember, white space does not have to be white, it simply needs to be space. Color is still one of the most powerful visual communication tools. Research shows that the right color can improve readership by 40%. The proper use of color makes messaging visually appealing and easier to read. Did you know that color is one of the first things that customers perceive from a brand? Color is often the first thing that pulls us in. Naturally, choosing the right colors for a website can make the difference between engaged viewers and high bounce rates. Have you noticed that doughnuts have become so colorful with bright pink and orange icing? It is the same with business competitors online; brands are fighting to differentiate themselves from the competition, and bold color choices help them to do that.

Website design by a Charlotte SEO expert

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