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Social media marketing experts are available to promote your business in Charlotte NC. All types of businesses- including janitorial services, need an online presence.  The cleaning industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. With the pandemic and just people being really busy these days, hiring a cleaning service is high in demand. People today are very career-oriented therefore leaving no room for household chores among other activities. They prefer to focus on building their careers and spending time with family ad therefore household chores are at the bottom of their to-do lists. We are here to help you reach your target audience of work-oriented and family-focused individuals who have no time to give to chores. While you focus on client satisfaction, we will focus on getting you those clients.

Top social media marketing strategies

Social media is the most popular mode of marketing in 2021. With basically the whole planet on some form of social media platform, there is no limit to the number of potential clients you can reach. However, there is also a ton of competition with other similar businesses also trying to promote their brand online. Therefore it is extremely important to market your brand the right way in order to stand out from the crowd. The top social media marketing strategies are as follows:

  • Creating a social media profile: This is the most basic of steps in starting a social media presence. Look at the most popular platforms at the time and create an account in all of them. Right now, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok are leading platforms and therefore it is essential to have accounts with all of them. Once you’ve created the accounts, post a few things to gain some traction.
  • Paid advertisements: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a feature that allows you to advertise your posts on their platforms in order to reach a higher audience. This advertisement feature is extremely affordable and one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience with minimal effort.
  • Brand deals with influencers: Paying or collaborating with influencers is becoming an increasingly popular way of getting your product or service out there in the market. These influencers have a large audience and anything they promote or post about on their platforms almost certainly becomes popular. If you can get a well-known influencer to promote your business, you’re basically set for life.

 What to avoid when marketing online

There is also a lot of risks when trying to promote your business online. One wrong move or sentence and you can get canceled in a matter of seconds, leaving your business permanently shunned from receiving any new customers. It is therefore extremely important that you let our social media marketing experts in Charlotte NC handle it for you as they’ve been doing this for years and know exactly what needs to be said in order to build a positive brand name online.

Top social media marketing experts in Charlotte NC

If you have a cleaning service that needs social media marketing or any other marketing service, or you would like a consultation with our experts for the best course of action, contact SCD Consulting Services today, your Charlotte concierge online marketing team for top SEO results.