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Web Design

An award-winning company with a dedicated team of experts ready to help you build a visually pleasing website while maximizing traffic and conversions.

Our Web Design Process

At SCD Consulting Services, we specialize in full-service web design, working closely with you to create a professional design and ensure a consistent overall layout. Beyond design, our expertise extends to SEO optimization for enhanced online presence.

1. Plan

Understand the client’s objectives and target audience.

2. Build

Design the website and ensure responsiveness.

3. Integrate

Optimize content for SEO and user engagement.

4. Launch

Do testing and ensure proper functionality.

Our Work

Our web design work is characterized by stunning, custom-designed websites that captivate visitors and drive results, tailored to your unique brand and goals.

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What Our Clients Say To Us


Explore our comprehensive website design packages, meticulously crafted to elevate your online presence and empower your business. Discover how we can transform your website into a dynamic, cost-effective platform.

1. What does the typical website design package include?
  • Custom-designed website tailored to your preferences (color, design, etc.).
  • Responsiveness to all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • Fast loading times.
  • Optimization for search engines and user experience, covering various aspects like appearance, meta tags, alt tags, anchor text, heading text, keywords, content, essential elements, SEO competition, accessibility, and navigation.
  • Logo integration (additional cost for logo creation).
  • Social media integration.
  • Custom menu.
  • Configuration of up to 10 email addresses, with instructions for adding more.
  • Contact us form.
  • XML sitemap.
  • Site search feature (optional).
  • Review page with links to local review sites to boost local rankings.
  • A blog or news page for posting events and educational content.
  • Unlimited photos and videos, including 10 stock photos.
  • Ability to make content changes to your webpages without extra charges.
  • Full control of your website and hosting, eliminating monthly maintenance fees.
2. Can I host my website and make updates without ongoing fees?
Yes, you can host your own website and make minor updates without recurring monthly fees. We provide guidance on how to do this, and our customer service representative will assist you with minor changes while using our services.
3. What if I already have a website and want to upgrade to this package?

We offer competitive prices to convert your existing website into a package that provides control, the ability to make updates, post news, specials, and unlimited media content. Contact SCD Consulting Services for more information.

4. Are there additional costs for domain and hosting?
  • Yes, there are additional costs for domain ownership and hosting:
    • Domain name (URL): Approximately $8-10 per year.
    • Hosting: Approximately $6-10 per month, offering unlimited bandwidth, disc space, emails, and domains.
  • We provide assistance in purchasing your domain name(s) and hosting at no extra charge.
5. What additional services does SCD Consulting Services offer?

SCD Consulting Services also offers:

  • Logo design services.
  • E-commerce shopping carts for online transactions.
  • Recommendations for hosting, domain purchase, and domain transfers (Check our Resources Page).
6. How can I avoid overpaying for web hosting and maintenance?

Our package empowers you to host your own website and make updates, eliminating the need for monthly maintenance fees typically charged by webmasters.

7. How can I contact SCD Consulting Services for more information or assistance?

You can contact us today to learn more about our services and how to convert your website into a cost-effective solution that fits your budget.

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