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SEO is something that everyone is concerned about, but they are not completely comfortable with what it really means and how it affects their business. Hence, hardly anyone knows what a successful SEO strategy includes. We want to clarify some of the ‘perceived’ SEO best practices that many people subscribe to. This is important because operating your website on bad or insufficient information might get your web site penalized and more difficult to rank. Chances are that you will discover that you will need to rely on professional SEO experts that have a lot of experience in applying SEO tactics. Consider the following perceptions:

  1. The more words you have on a page, the better it will rank

Google loves content that is relevant. The blog post or page content must be keyword relevant. The truth is that Google really likes high quality content that readers find useful. Some take this to mean that the more relevant content on a page, the better your chance of getting ranked. To outrank your competitor’s pages, you must write high quality content that is relevant, and that your readers will find to be very useful information.

  1. Using https on your site is a positive ranking factor

By moving to https and obtaining an SSL certificate, your website is ‘secure’. Anecdotal evidence from a number of studies show that websites with https and SSL certificates are rewarded with higher overall search engine rankings. This is especially important if you accept payments on your website, or if you collect user information. If your competitors have not taken this step, it is a simple competitive advantage for better search term rankings.

  1. Keyword-rich titles and meta descriptions are better than message-based titles and descriptions

Having keyword relevant content in the meta title and meta description indicates to Google what is the key topic of a particular page and helps in achieving high rankings. You must be careful to avoid overload the title and description with keywords. When writing the titles, you must consider both what Google wants to see, and the type of content that will make the user click through to your website.

  1. Page-load time will directly affect your rankings

Slow loading pages rank lower than pages that load fast. Quite often, the problem exists because of the use of extra-large images. It is vitally important that you optimize your web page load speed. This is even more important for mobile settings.

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