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Search Engine Marketing experts have been trying to enlighten business owner about the importance of SEO forever, yet it seems that many organizations still fail to see its crucial role in their business success. much less Today we are going to try and explain two of the most important components of SEO, hoping that business owners can relate to these core concepts, making their SEO strategy at least more effective. Hopefully we can help you build a foundation of SEO, based on two core components, content and credibility.

The import of content

It is no myth when we proclaim that, “content is indeed king.” Without keyword influenced text in the form of articles and in descriptions on key pages, there is very little chance that a Web site will gain high visibility in search engines. Search engine bots cannot read what they cannot see. Without properly placed keywords, the search engines do not know what an image, or Flash animation depicts. Therefore, the search engines will never give that content much weight. If you want your website to show up in the top 10 rankings, for any given search phrase, it is crucial that your target phrases are embedded strategically throughout the page in question. It is essential that the phrases are included at least in three places:

  1. In the headline
  2. High up in the body copy
  3. At the bottom

Search engines like Google, like this standard approach to page layout. In addition, look for other opportunities to emphasize the phrase throughout the body copy by using bold, italicized, or underlined fonts. Hyperlinking is also important to reference other relevant content.

Credibility makes content king

It is crucial to understand the one element that significantly affects how search engines determine which site amongst millions, is highly ranked for a generic term like “luggage.” Even if every page on your website has a reasonable occurrence of that term, and the URL and tags in the source code are optimized for the term, you still may never appear in the first 100 pages. To stand out from the noisy competition, you need to create a mark of credibility with the search engine. This is commonly achieved by acquiring links from relevant websites that are also popular and visible in the search for your target keywords. The more popular and relevant the sites that link to you, the higher your PageRank will be with the search engines.

Search engine marketing by a local SEO expert

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