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Why do I need SEM?

Search engine marketing involves developing a strategy to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results rather than rankings.

Focusing on search engine marketing as an integral component of your digital marketing strategy is essential, but keep in mind that it is a constant complement to your overall SEO and involves building links, directory listings, and more. SEO and SEM are incredibly complex, yet many small businesses often choose to handle SEM themselves, which is the first mistake.  Read on to see many other mistakes, which can be avoided

Not using a professionally designed landing page in Charlotte, NC

Landing pages must be easy to navigate and easy to understand. They also need to be accurate on-site and tailored to the needs of those using keywords in their search.

If potential customers cannot easily find the information they are looking for, you will lose sales, and you will pay for many wasted clicks. While email marketing is essential, it is more beneficial to have a single “Buy Now” button that allows buyers to get what they came for quickly

Offering the option of joining email marketing during the checkout process is better, as you won’t be putting them off staying on your site.

Getting your SEO keywords wrong

Some factors should be taken into account when deciding on the keywords for your search engine marketing campaign, the most important of which are the frequency of use of the search terms.

If you feel uncomfortable with the active keyword research, then consider commissioning a consultant or Charlotte NC search engine marketing expert for this task. Directing the focus on the wrong keywords ensures that you will pay for clicks that do not result in sales.

Not understanding the impact of mobile devices for search engine marketing

If you do not have a mobile-friendly landing page, over half of the SEM campaign visitors will leave your site and find out about your competitor.

Mobile-friendly landing pages contain limited text, easy-to-read fonts, adequately sized, high-quality images, and a layout that is easy to navigate. You may consider having your website designed by a consultant or Charlotte SEO agency. 

Finding digital marketing experts in Charlotte NC

Search engine marketing can be hard and takes into consideration many different elements. If you need SEM and SEO optimized content or website design services in the Charlotte area?

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Shirley Cress Dudley and her consulting team are experts in their field. Shirley Cress Dudley and her team of consulting experts can help you achieve a consistently high-ranking position on a broad range of search engines and business directories.

Contact SCD Consulting Services today as the team of professionals is always eager to talk with you, learning about your business, and helping you focus on what you do best. Once you do this, you don’t even need to worry about getting your search engine marketing wrong again.