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First page of an internet search:
Can customers find you?  There are two best ways to find you on the internet.

1- Your own company name

When they put in your name “ABC Company”- do you show up all over page one, page two, and page three?  You should, it’s your name! Try it.

Does your competition show up on the first page, when you put in your company name?  If so, there’s work to be done.  Your competition should not show up, under your name, for several pages.

2- Using keywords to find you

When a prospective customer puts in some of your keywords, do you show up on the first page of a search?  (Key words, are the words they would use when finding your type of business.)

Your goal should be to show up in the local listings (with the red bubble next to it,) in the 1-3 top spots of the natural/organic listings, and also to show up, further down the page, another couple of times.

Do those results sound like your business?  If not, you need to talk to SCD Consulting Services, because we’re describing the results of our clients.

3- Pay-per-click

Pay-per-click is a way to show up on page one of an internet search for your name or your keywords within minutes.  In just minutes, you’ll be on the first page with the optimized local listings and the highly ranked natural or organic listings.

first page of an internet search- can customers find you?

But- the problem is, very few people will click on your links.  Studies have shown that the majority of links that people click on are the Local listings (with the red bubble next to them) and the 1-3 organic/natural listings.

Did you know that Google even considers these pay-per-click sites so meaningless (except to bring them income) that the local map floats OVER the pay-per-click listings on the right column of the page, as you scroll down?  Right over the paid listings!

So, you can launch a pay-per-click campaign, if you like, but your money is better spent by optimizing your website, and beginning an online marketing strategy. Contact SCD Consulting Services today, to find out if your market area is still available.  (Note:  we only work with one type business in each market area- so hurry to make sure you get our services- there’s nothing else out there like it.)

If you are not getting the results you want, there could be several things happening.

  • You need more content and optimization on your website
  • You need better online marketing
  • You need a website (What- you don’t have a website?  STOP….do not pass GO, and proceed immediately to our Web Design page…I’m not kidding!

If you’re not satisfied with your presence on the internet, then all the time, effort and money you spent on marketing is wasted.  Your radio, print ads, television commercials are not as effective as they could be.  When I hear a radio commercial and want to know more about a company- I head straight for the internet to look them up. Your company needs to be there- front and center- ready to greet me.

Contact SCD Consulting Services,  to experience our exceptional online marketing services. We look forward to talking to you and getting to know you.