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Using video for online marketing in Charlotte

Online marketing managers are increasingly turning to video as an option for content. For some learning styles, it’s a format that is easier to comprehend, and it can be a refreshing option or change of pace from other mediums online. The fact is that the world reportedly watches more than 1 billion hours of social video per day. Our goal here is to outline some best practices for digital marketers who seek to create and share video, which is so crucial to your marketing strategy.

What is so great about video?

There is no doubt that video is an adaptable and engaging content format. It’s also easy to share across multiple platforms. Consumers are attracted to video when it is entertaining and engaging. Online marketers like it because it can yield a huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. There is nothing magic or easy about video. Just like other forms of content, it must be professional, entertaining, and relevant. It is also not a medium for beginners, as there is a definitive trend towards higher quality video on a professional level. The days are growing short when simply anyone can hop onto their laptop and create their own video.

Ways to use video content

There are several different types of videos to use, and part of creating effective content is having a solid understanding of your objective before you sit down and create the video. Consider the following examples of where you can be using different types of videos:

  • Explainers – a video that is designed to educate people about your product or services. It can be used in conjunction with customer service activities and other applications.
  • Interviews – Are intended to inform the consumer and/or help to encourage conversation between sides. It can also be used to showcase a special guest or create an influencer. The next step beyond creating videos featuring guest experts is to capture the audio and market it as a podcast.
  • Product reviews and demo videos – can be created by influencers or brand ambassadors in exchange for free products. This can be a great way of getting free advertising if the people performing the video reviews can generate a lot of engagement and comments.
  • Live video – Is a daily opportunity to get up close and personal with your audience. Spontaneous and live video works well on social media channels, bringing you and your prospective customers together in a moment.

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