SCD Consulting Services
What does it mean to offer “Personalized Online Marketing?”  Here at SCD Consulting Services, personalized online marketing is our way of doing business. When you decide to use our services – you are assigned a customer service representative.
That customer service representative becomes your main contact to SCD Consulting Services. You will have your representative’s email address and cell phone number.  Yes- I said cell phone number.Personalized Online Marketing

  • No 1-800 number with people who don’t know you, your market, or even how to help you.
  • No cookie cutter services- the same for everyone, no matter what your needs are
  • No online chat service, where you are talking to someone in India that’s not at all familiar with the U.S. market.

We offer personalized services. You will get to know your customer service representative and they will get to know you.  They will learn about your market, watch your competition, and talk to you about changes and trends in the marketplace.

In fact, our services are so great that you’ll think your customer service representative only has one client- YOU!  You will receive all the attention you need to truly excel in your market and dominate your local area.  Why- because we’re determined to provide the absolute best online marketing services available.

If you aren’t satisfied- there’s no contract, you just tell us a month in advance you want to discontinue services with us.  But, I don’t think you will… we fully intend to exceed your expectations and thrill you with the results!  Check out some of our testimonials, and you’ll read about our other satisfied clients.