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Charlotte NC online marketing is essential to give your brand a strong voice. The most popular and successful companies understand that branding builds businesses that endure. Every company, regardless of size, must invest in building a consistent presence and personality that is immediately recognizable. When we talk about brands, most people think about a company’s visual identity. An equally important element that often gets overlooked is a brand’s “voice.”

What is brand voice?

Brand “voice,” refers to the personality and emotion infused into a company’s communications. Your brand’s voice encompasses everything from the words and language you use, to the personality and image your marketing invokes. Developing your corporate voice makes sure that your message cuts through the noise and makes a lasting impression on potential customers. The most enduring companies have a strong personality and project an unmistakable sense of purpose. This message must be delivered consistently everywhere that your company has a presence on the digital landscape.

Developing brand recognition in Charlotte, NC

Developing brand recognition with customers requires consistency and repetition. If your corporate personality appears to change frequently, It is extremely difficult for audiences to know exactly what you are all about. In many cases, your efforts are likely to fall flat, and your customers will choose a better-branded option.

The difference between voice and tone

Recognizing the difference between voice and tone is easy. Voice describes your company’s personality. Your voice must be consistent and unchanging. Tone is the emotional inflection applied to your voice. Tone adjusts to whatever is suitable for a particular piece or message. Your tone may change according to the context of your messaging. For example, a social media post about an anniversary sale would have a more light-hearted tone than one breaking news about a company emergency.

When your marketing team and coworkers produce content, it’s important to provide clear guidelines that they can refer to. This will help to ensure that your brand standards are maintained. This way, every customer interaction, regardless of platform, sounds like one brand, even if you have several different people creating content and writing copy.

Online marketing expert, Shirley Cress Dudley, Charlotte NC

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