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Search engine marketing brings the right customers to you 

The great advantage of search engine marketing is that it is what is called inbound marketing, rather than outbound marketing. This means that every person who sees it is much more likely to already be looking for a product or service similar to yours. The old style of outbound marketing is meant to be seen by millions of people in the hope that a small percentage of them will be in the market for your product and tempted by your ad. Inbound marketing responds to the Internet searches of people asking about your field by recommending you to them.  

The goal of search engine marketing is to improve your Web site, blog posts and ads in such a way as to make them more likely to come up in the early results of a Web search. This is called search engine optimization, or SEO.  

Link building and directory listings 

Nothing boosts your ranking in search engine listings quite like having lots of links on other sites that link back to your site, so link building is an important part of search engine marketing. But link building is not easy, and can backfire if done carelessly or too overtly. Only an expert in SEO can develop a strategy for building links that will come across as natural to a search engine until you really do have enough links from other sites and satisfied customers. 

Whether you are trying to attract customers in the Charlotte, NC area or throughout the nation, one important part of search engine marketing for any business is directory listings. Google Places, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Yelp,, and are all places you will want your business to appear. If you provide any sort of repair services to homeowners, you should also appear on You should also make sure that the Better Business Bureau knows about you, and that you have a good reputation with them. There are other local business directories that specialize in medical services. A good SEO expert will know which ones will direct the most business to you. 

Help with search engine marketing in Charlotte, NC 

SCD Consulting Services provides help with search engine marketing for small to medium sized businesses, especially medical and dental practices. We help local businesses attract more customers by using SEO to strengthen their presence on the Internet. We offer a large selection of marketing services, which are customized for whatever your company needs in order to dominate its market area. We offer the best SEO in Charlotte, but our services are available to any business or practice in the United States. We only promote one company in any given service area in any city. Call today to get started.