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Changes in web design

When did you last change, refresh, or update your website design or the structure and content of your website? If it has been a while, you may be missing out on key opportunities to promote and grow your business because your site is outdated.

The realm of online marketing is very fluid- it can change rapidly and significantly. Often, what was “cutting edge” even a year or a few months ago can become dangerously passé. Staying up to date on website design and online marketing trends can ensure that your business is getting the most from its online presence.

Updates that can support your business

Depending on your industry, online marketing strategy, and other factors, the ideal updates or website design changes for your business may vary. However, there are certain trends in website design that are fairly universal, and worth keeping in mind.

Mobile usage is the fastest growing segment of online access. Increasingly, users are utilizing their smart phones or tablets for most of what they do on the web. As a result, mobile optimization is critical. If your website design is clunky or worse yet, inoperable when viewed on a mobile device, you are likely to lose interested customers.

Search engine optimization is also a key aspect of website design. Your site should be carefully structured to take advantage of preferred placement in search engine results for certain relevant key terms. As search engine algorithms change, so must your website content and even structure.

Finally, your website design should be crafted in such a way as to maximize your web presence over multiple platforms. Linking to social media sites, maps, and reviews will help build your brand image and keep your customers engaged and interested with the fresh content available on your site.

Your Charlotte NC online marketing support

Does it seem overwhelming to keep up on the tweaks and updates required to get the most out of your website design? Engaging an expert consultant to help you with your web design needs and other digital marketing efforts can be a smart investment in your business. If your business is located in or around Charlotte NC, you may want to contact the expert team at SCD Consulting Services. They can work with you identify and implement changes to your web design that are specifically tailored to your business objectives and needs.

SCD Consulting Services offers a full range of online marketing services and expertise- founder Shirley Cress Dudley and her team can help your business with all facets of digital marketing including website design and development, content management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more. Contact SCD Consulting Services today to learn more about how they can help your business grow.