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About digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing and changing facets of marketing. With the development and evolution of new technology and the continued spread of digital reach, the ways businesses connect with their customers online is constantly evolving.

Digital marketing simply refers to promotion and advertising of brands, products, and businesses through electronic media. Most often, this means online, although it can also refer specifically to mobile devices. Digital marketing can encompass everything from a website, to search engine optimization, to email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Latest trends

Digital marketing changes quickly as the behavior and use patterns of consumers also change. Currently, some of the top trends in the digital marketing space include:

  1. The mobile movement- mobile phone usage is rising, and many consumers have become dependent on these devices for much more than making calls. Your digital marketing strategy should include a mobile component, such as a mobile-optimized website and the ability to push promotion notifications via text message.
  2. Live online contact- whether it is provided by a human or a bot, consumers are becoming accustomed to being able to have a real-time chat on many websites. For some companies, this might translate more into a social media marketing strategy that provides accessibility to a real person who can answer questions.
  3. Video content- Whether it is YouTube, company websites, or even product instructions, consumers are getting conditioned to replacing text with videos. Like copy content, videos should be kept fresh. Also, the shorter the better!
  4. Reviews- many savvy consumers make purchase decisions largely based on online reviews. Having testimonials on your website, as well as a positive presence on review engines like Yelp or Google, can enhance your company’s appeal.

Digital marketing is an exciting space, and utilizing it correctly can have great payoff for your business. However, if you aren’t experienced in the industry and able to keep on top of the latest trends, you may not get the full benefits of digital marketing. Utilizing an expert consultant can help you get the most benefit from your online marketing campaigns.

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